1. Go to codetree.com and click the “Sign in with GitHub” button.

2. Complete the OAuth login with GitHub

3. Name your Codetree Organization and click the “Start my free trial” button. An Organization consists of one or more Codetree Projects. Each Project can connect to multiple GitHub Repositories and aggregate their issues.

4. Create the first Codetree Project for your Organization. As part of creating your Project you can select whether issues will be prioritized by Milestone or by Assignee. You can change how issues are prioritized later from the Project settings link.

5. Add one or more GitHub Repositories to the Project. Codetree will aggregate all of the issues from each Repository. Once you’ve added your Repositories click the “Create Project” button. You can add additional Repositories to this Project and additional Projects later.  Note: you can only choose repositories you have Admin rights to in GitHub. Codetree needs Admin rights to set up the web hook we use for synchronizing issues between the GitHub repository and Codetree.

6. After you create your Project, Codetree will synchronize your issues from GitHub. This may take a few minutes. Once the issues have been synchronized, your new Codetree account will be ready to use.

7. To add additional users to your Project click the “Settings” link at the bottom of the page.

8. From the Project Settings screen choose the “Permissions” section and enter the GitHub username of the user you want to invite to Codetree. Users start off with “No Access”. To grant them access drag the user to the “Full Access” row.

9. Organization Owners and Admins have full access to all projects. If you want to add a user as a Codetree Organization Owner or Admin you need to go to “My Organizations”, select the Organization and then go to the “Members" tab.

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