Navigating efficiently around your issues can save a ton of time.

There are a few handy features in Codetree that make getting around your issues much faster.

The Issue Switcher

You can quick jump to an issue using cmd/ctrl+k (or cmd/ctrl+i). This will bring up the Issue Switcher. The Issue Switcher is similar to the quick jump feature in Slack. Typing in part of an issue number or title will find all matching issues. When you select an issue and press enter you will jump to that issue.

Shortcuts for Triaging Issues

We're you're triaging issues you can quickly work through them by:

1. Selecting your saved triage filter.

2. Opening the first issue.

3. Editing the issue to label, milestone and assign it as appropriate using the ‘a’, ‘m', ‘l’ shortcut keys.

4. Moving forward to the next issue by pressing ‘k’. You can also move back by pressing ‘j’.

You can find the full list of shortcut keys at your disposal here.

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