If you are having trouble seeing all your repositories, you should confirm your permissions are configured appropriately:

  1. User OAuth Permissions

  2. Organization Permissions

User OAuth Permissions

Codetree uses OAuth Permissions to access GitHub on your behalf.  In order to see repos you have access to (including Organization Repos), you must be an admin of the repo and you have to grant Codetree permission.  Typically this is done during sign-up, however, users may overlook the permissions component or may accidently change permisssions.  To confirm you have the correct permissions:

  1. go to: https://github.com/settings/applications

  2. Find Codetree and click on the name

  3. Under Organization Access, you may need to click "Grant" for Codetree

Organization Permissions

Admins of an Organization can manage permissions for Codetree as well.  To confirm your Organization is allowing access:

  1. go to your Organizations Settings https://github.com/organizations/<organization_name>/settings/profile

  2. Click on Third-party Access - (https://github.com/organizations/<organization_name>/settings/oauth_application_policy).  

  3. You should see Codetree in the list with a green Approved check mark.  if says Denied, click on edit icon and Grant Access:

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